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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Two Midday Rescues in the Mountains Above Altadena

Today at 12:46 p.m. the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team was activated for a motorcycle down call on the crest trail near Eaton Canyon, in the Angeles National Forest. Los Angeles County Fire Department Squad 11 had located the injured person on Mt. Wilson Truck Trail just north of the bridge. It was determined there was no motorcycle involved, rather the injured person was riding a mountain bike when he fell. The mountain biker, 22 y/o male residing in Glendale was complaining of right arm, back pain and was bleeding from his mouth. The mountain biker was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital with Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics.

The trails are are very busy with hikers today, if you ride a mountain bike, please use caution with the heavy traffic on the trails. Pictured is LA Co. Fire Captain Aldana directing additional units.

At 2:50 pm another call for the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team. A hiker was reported missing hiker near Dawn Mine, in the Angeles National Forest. Two hikers started a hike from Mt. Wilson to Altadena when the two separated at Tom Sloane Saddle. The missing hiker had twisted his ankle earlier and wanted to take a short pause in the hike. The second hiker had given the missing hiker a second charged cell phone with trail maps and had planned to meet the hiker down the trail.

The second hiker finished the hike, waited for the missing hiker, then briefly searched for the missing hiker, and after 2 1/2 hours the second hiker became concerned and notified the Altadena Sheriff’s Station. As search and rescue members spoke with the hiker, the missing hiker sent a text message saying he was on a trail. Unfortunately he didn’t say what trail. After a short period of time another text message was received saying the missing hiker was at Millard Campground.

Rescue members drove to Millard Campground and soon located the missing hiker. The hiker, 27 y/o male residing in Longmont Colorado, declined medical treatment and was driven to his vehicle by the second hiker.

The hikers did the right thing by asking for help. It’s always easier to search in the daylight, we are all thankful this Search and I had a happy ending. Pictured are the hikers, and on the drive back to station, the ocean could be seen from Chaney Trail.

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