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Friday, August 7, 2015

McDonald’s Disturbance Leads to Fight With Deputies


The Altadena Sheriff’s Station responded Thursday night to a disturbance reported at a McDonald’s store listed at 2157 Lincoln Ave, Altadena and arrested a 25-year-old female for misdemeanor.

Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Paige said staff at the McDonald’s called the sheriff’s station at least twice as the suspect, who came with other persons, was arguing loudly with the counter staff. The cause of the argument was not mentioned. Eventually, the argument led to a scuffle.

“There was a call for service. They were women, at least two of them. It was a disturbance that spilled out into the street,” Paige said. “When the deputies went to go and contact them, a fight ensued. The person was booked on battery of a police officer and they were taken to the hospital for medical clearance before they were booked.”

Paige said when deputies responded and arrived at the scene, the 25-year-old black woman continued shouting and yelling. The cause of the argument has not been determined.

Earlier reports said the suspects used a metal object and smashed something in the outlet, but Paige said this has not been verified.

Police are now interviewing some of the witnesses to shed light on the incident.

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