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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Altadena Station’s Crime Blotter for the Week of June 7, 2015


The following information was provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department:

As the 4th of July holiday quickly approaches and celebrations are sure to be had, this is a friendly reminder that ALL fireworks and pyrotechnics are illegal to use within the unincorporated area of Altadena.  Deputies will be out in force for the entire holiday weekend and strictly enforcing fireworks ordinances in Altadena.


Sunday, June 7th

12:05 PM – An indecent exposure incident occurred in the area of Figueroa Drive and Lincoln Avenue.  The victim was walking when she heard a male yelling from his vehicle.  The suspect asked the victim for money.  When the victim handed the suspect a dollar, the victim noticed the suspect’s exposed genitalia.  Suspect described as a male, White or Armenian, 70 years old, gray hair, driving a gray 2004 Saturn 4-door.  On-going investigation.


Monday, June 8th

No significant incidents to report.


Tuesday, June 9th

No significant incidents to report.


Wednesday, June 10th

9:58 AM – A petty theft occurred at Bank of America, 2345 Lake Avenue.  As the victim withdrew money from the ATM, they were nudged to the side by the suspect, male, Black, 35-45 years, 602-603, medium build, dark baseball cap, and facial hair taking the victim’s money.  Property stolen:  currency.  Altadena Detective Bureau has requested bank surveillance video.  On- going investigation.


2:00 PM – A vehicle vandalism occurred in the 2100 block of Fair Oaks Avenue.  Suspect(s) shattered the rear driver’s side window.


Thursday, June 11th

9:10 AM – Robert Bell was arrested in the area of Lake Avenue and Washington Boulevard for being under the influence of a controlled substance.


3:45 PM – A battery occurred in the parking lot of Rite Aid, 735 E. Altadena Drive.  The victim was sitting inside her vehicle when she felt her vehicle move forward.  The victim exited her vehicle and walked towards the suspect’s vehicle to attempt to exchange information.   The suspect ignored the victim and the victim proceeded to take pictures of the suspect vehicle’s license plate.  The suspect exited the vehicle and struck the victim in the face.  Suspect described as a female, Black, 503-505, heavy set, long sleeve tan shirt, and blue jeans.  Suspect last seen eastbound on Altadena Dr. in a gold Chevrolet Impala.  On-going investigation.


10:40 PM – A vehicle vandalism occurred in the area of Marigold Street and Olive Avenue.  Suspect(s) damaged the vehicle’s paint by scratching it with a sharp object.


Friday, June 12th

3:07 PM – A shoplifting incident occurred at Ralph’s, 2270 N. Lake Avenue.  Suspect described as a male, Black, 40-50 years, 600-602, black hair.  Property stolen:  Advil congestion relief medicine.


10:20 PM – Daniel Halper Duncan was arrested for domestic battery in the 4000 block of Rising Hill Drive.


Saturday, June 13th

5:20 PM – Kent Armstrong was arrested at Jack in the Box, 2305 N. Lake Avenue for drinking in public.


9:45 PM – Laverdis Tanner was arrested in the 700 block of Devirian Street for spousal battery.


10:50 PM – Javier Cabral was arrested in the 400 block of Royce Street for disturbing the peace.

For full details, view this message on the web.

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