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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Visitation Resumes at Pasadena Nursing Homes with Restrictions

Facilities cannot have new COVID-19 numbers for 28 days


County officials announced on Monday that visitation can now resume at nursing facilities with some restrictions.

Family and friends can visit their loved ones at facilities that have not had any new COVID-19 infections for 28 days.

“It’s highly unlikely that you’ll see relaxing across the board at all of the (skilled nursing facilities) given the fact that they do need to be 28 days out with no new cases,” said County Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “But visitors with fever or COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to enter into a facility. Visitors are going to need to practice distancing of at least six feet. Everyone will need to wear their face mask at all times and signs will be posted with additional rules at each of the facilities and shared with visitors.”

The announcement came the same day that county health officials reported a record-high single-day number of coronavirus cases.

On Wednesday 2,129 new cases and 34 deaths were reported.

According to Ferrer those social distancing and face mask requirements are also important for all residents to remember as they move about in public and visit reopened businesses.

Ferrer also indicated there could be movement this week allowing nail salons to reopen.

“We are working very closely with the board (of supervisors) to assess the options on the reopening. We hope that we’ll be able to share more information … as early as tomorrow about where we continue and how we continue on our recovery journey.

“… There is an obligation on every business that’s open at this point to really adhere to the guidance and the protocols and directives that are out there about how to make sure that your facility offers as much safety as possible to both your workers, to your customers and to residents.”

Ferrer noted Monday that county inspectors had visited 2,000 restaurants over the weekend, and half of them were out of compliance with operating protocols.

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