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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jamie Bissner Announces He Will Not Seek Re-election to Altadena Town Council, Tract 4612


Altadena Now received the following statement from Jamie Bissner early today:

“To the members of NBBA and all concerned for Altadena,

I commend you all in your involvement and concern in and for our magnificent town!

I will not be seeking re-election to the Altadena Town Council.

After 19 years of participation on, and with, the ATC and with the Bissner family having a presence in this community dating to 1922, I believe that another individual will step up to plate to capably, wisely, and knowledgeably represent Census Tract 4612 as well as representing all of Altadena and maintain the very unique environment here which I have always sought to protect.

My perspective of Altadena, having been born and raised here, along with my Dad, and with my Grandfather having found his way here in 1922, is one of a semi rural community devoid of onerous regulations, onerous enforcement mechanisms, rules designed to generate revenue for municipal coffers via fines, and all those type burdens encountered in incorporated and ‘planned’ communities. That’s why I bought my first home here in 1984. For the simple, unencumbered life.

There is a lot more freedom here than in any incorporated city that I know of and, while there is always a need for rules, codes, and such which we must abide, we have greater autonomy here and are far are less politicized related to influence on what we can do with our town. This I know with certainty!

Being a third generation builder working throughout Southern California since 1984 and having worked with Mike Antonovich and his capable and incredible staff I can assure you that we are in the best of hands now and in the future. I fully endorse his Chief of Staff, Kathryn Barger-Leibrich for the next 5th District Supervisor because she has been lifelong local to our specific region in the 5th District and old town savvy! We are an old town with unique issues and Kathy gets it!

I have always sought to act as a gatekeeper barring those onerous impositions by government as well those residents who are well intentioned yet unaware of the “laws of unintended consequences”. I’ve always also guarded against proponents of change in favor of more regulation as well as those who seek regulations which could insidiously result in Altadena morphing to an odd incarnation of Irvine, San Juan Capistrano and other planned/regulated communities.
I have worked diligently during my tenure to have the boilerplate County regulations relaxed for our unique town to permit flexibility for new merchants to open here and prosper as well as homeowners facing unique burdens related to their home improvements and such.
Our business areas are just now beginning to see a resurgence, let’s maintain the momentum! I’ve also worked for homeowners who faced retroactive adherence to codes and such which were enacted well after their home was constructed, well before they made their investment in their dream.
I pray that my successor embraces my vision for both maintaining, while advancing, the needs of our very unique community without succumbing to those who are either slated or agendised in some attempt to make it something other than what it is! A funky Old Town with a lot of freedom!

Thank you for your support and input over the years,

Jamie Bissner”

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