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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Developer Unveils “Altadena Marketplace” Plans for the Webster’s Building


An owner of the Webster’s Building today described in detail his company’s plan to convert 7,000 square feet of the historic landmark building into a contemporary marketplace.

Fareed Kanani, a principal in Greenbridge Investment Partners, said the proposed Altadena Marketplace could house seven tenants offering innovative cuisines and artisanal products in the three south-most units.

A brochure produced Greenbridge touts the “historic Webster’s Building” at 2450 North Lake Avenue as the perfect setting for a food hall that could transform a community hub into an incubator for independent businesses and startups.

The brochure goes on to suggest possible retailers appropriate for the seven spaces would be a Deli style sandwich shop, a café with bakery , an espresso and freshly-baked pastries shop, a florist, craft beer sales, pizza, and a cheese and wine vendor.

“We’re going to focus on bringing in a farmer’s market-style feel that will have between five to six different uses with a common area that will allow for big party or small group sitting,” Kanani said.

An artist’s renderings of the project reveal plans to “open up” the southwest corner “to bring in a lot of natural light and have a really cool vibe.”

Kanani said Webster’s Community Pharmacy and Meredith M will remain anchored in the middle of the building.

“Webster’s Community Pharmacy and Meredith M are not leaving the building,” confirmed owner Meredith Miller. “We are there to stay, we are part of this transition, we have very long term leases in the building.”

Miller applauded the Marketplace concept.

“I think this is a really smart move,” she said. “It’s a good use of the space, it will really resonate with this community. It’s something that we really do need. We need more food service, we need coffee, we need that kind of activity. We’re excited to be part of the development.”

As for the other end of the building,  Kanini said Greenbridge is “talking to a cake shop for the northern portion.”

Kanani said the parking lot will be renovated.

“We’re going to improve the parking lot — make it easier to park,” he said, adding there are no plans for a subterranean parking structure as rumored.

“So there’s a lot that’s going to go on. We’re going to spend a good deal of capital,” Kanani said.

The project brochure lists Brenda Arianpour as Project Manager and Steven Vasquez as Business Development manager. Click here to see the full brochure.



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