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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer Reading Program at Altadena Library for the Whole Family

Read–For the Win this summer with the Altadena Library starting June 14 and continuing for the next six weeks. The library will host a range of interesting free activities for Children, Teens, and Adults that encourage and support a love of reading. Participants also can win prizes for reaching their reading goals.

“We’ve a wonderful program planned for you – join us to discover all that our Library has to offer,” said Cassandra Stearns, Senior Librarian. “Our Summer Reading programs are for Teens and Adults, too!” Readers check-in, weekly, with their reading log for fun prizes such as free books and other items.

In addition to reading and giveaways, we are hosting weekly themed events, based on age, such as movies, games and presentations. For children, we will kick-off Summer Reading with a Wildlife Learning Center presentation with animals. For Teens, there will be an Anime-Drawing workshop, a Game Day and a Hike Meetup – to name a few. Two of the Adult presentations will be an Indie Authors Panel and NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter presented by JPL’s Theo Clarke.

There’s also a serious side to summer reading. Research has shown that reading over the summer prevents summer reading loss. “Studies indicate students who read recreationally outperformed those who don’t. And, students read more when they can choose materials based on their own interests,” Cassandra added. “Our libraries are committed to supporting the joy of lifelong reading and educational enrichment for the entire family.”

Register at the library starting on June 14. To learn more about Read – For the Win, please call (626) 798-0833 or visit



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