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Monday, August 7, 2017

Songwriters Serve up Farm Fresh Organic Music

As part of this summer’s Reading Program, the Altadena Public Library will be feasting on fresh music coming directly from songwriter’s hearts to the listener’s ears on Tuesday, August 08, 2017, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. . Organic music has no fat, no fluff, no GMO and is simply pure home grown songs performed acoustically in the most simple storytelling form. Five songwriters whose individual uniqueness will be reflected in their lyrics and their style will each perform 4 songs. The songwriters include Jill Freeman, Raspin Stuwart, Leslie Beauvais, Shelby & Tieg and Petrella, First Lady of Country Soul who will also host the evening.

Jill Freeman combines Joni Mitchell, Kurt Weill and Carl Jung on her latest CD “A Handmade Life”. “A Handmade Life” marks a new chapter and an impressive evolution in Jill’s long career as a singer/songwriter/performer. A native Los Angeleno, Jill began her professional career in music over 20 years ago.

Raspin Stuwart’s songs place a premium on intelligent lyricism, demonstrating a clear and almost writerly (as in print) sensitivity – an all original catalog that bears an eye opening, ear opening blend of influences. Acoustic folk pop, jazz, R&B, even sprinkled with a touch of gospel – it is all in the music and is created out of a spontaneous energy that is very much Raspin’s stylized original vocal and performance trademark.

Born and raised in New Orleans, music is in Leslie Beauvais’ genes, heart and soul, and in every breath she takes. Leslie’s journey has taken her to some remarkable places, both geographical & spiritual, all of which have left their imprint on her life and on her music. Her songs sing of heartache and joy, doubt and triumph, tears and laughter, using all the styles in her musical toolbox and are a savory gumbo of pop, rock, country, folk and jazz, with a touch of New Orleans spice.

LA based folk-pop duo Shelby & Tieg have been described as a modern Simon & Garfunkel (if one were a girl). Though they try to disguise their compositions with complex harmonies and intricate guitar, there’s no escaping that what they sing are fun pop songs that aim to make you smile.

Petrella serves a deep-dish country sound, slipping onto the scene from Hot Springs, Arkansas. She’s definitely a country singer, but her voice has an urban twang and you can’t listen to her without thinking of Tina Turner. Her songs are a little too funky to be blues, a little too country to be jazz, so Petrella walks a new line called country soul. She dishes up new words, new thoughts and a special place for that distinctive voice of hers. Petrella will be accompanied by Uros Raskovski, who is co-writer on her 25th Anniversary CD “Shine on Me”.

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