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Thursday, March 28, 2019

An Art Walk That is Elementary and More at Altadena Arts Magnet

fb_img_1553570354728The occasion will feature a curated selection of student artwork from both schools.

Regina Major, Arts Magnet Coordinator at Altadena Arts Magnet, said guests – including parents from both Altadena Arts and Eliot Arts – will begin their experience at 5 p.m. at Altadena Arts Magnet, at the corner of East Calaveras Street and El Molino Avenue, and stroll over to Eliot Arts Magnet, at East Calaveras and Lake Avenue.

The event will also feature live music and light snacks, in addition to arts activities at both schools, she said.

“We’re going to do a joint art show and they’re calling it an art walk because they’re going to start here and observe art and they’re going to have refreshments and we hope to have music and everything,” Major said. “And then from our school, they’ll walk over or drive over to Eliot, which is like less than four minutes away, and see art and explore their art gallery and everything. So it’s a joint effort.”

At Altadena Arts, kids will also be showing work done with the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena under a program that integrates art with science, math, history, and English.

“Those projects are going to be shown that day too because it’s kind of like their culmination,” Major said.

Both of the schools’ Parent Teachers Associations are actively supporting the first Art Walk, which is inspired by the efforts of the respective principals – Benita Scheckel at Altadena Arts and Lori Touloumian at Eliot Arts – to do projects together.

“Basically our children, our elementary kids from kindergarten to fifth grade, are going to be exposed to the arts,” Major continued. “And then our hope is that they will go over to Eliot and can continue the arts. So we’re trying to do more joint things,” Major continued.

As a magnet school, Altadena Arts Magnet offers dance, theater, choir music, instrumental and general music, media arts and visual arts. The school has an art studio, an art room, a theater room, music room, and is adding an innovation lab in the fall, Major said.

For more details about the First Annual Art Walk, call Altadena Arts Magnet at ?(626) 396-5650 or visit the school’s website,

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