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Friday, January 10, 2014


by Timothy Rutt

We’re getting steady reports of coyotes — as individuals or as packs — on the west side and the east above Altadena Drive.  Community Correspondents Ken and Shino Charlson also found these deer remains (pictured) Thursday morning:

Just wanted to give you a head’s up that yesterday morning we came across a medium sized freshly dead deer carcass. It was just off a main path leading west from the circular drive up in the park. It seems it was killed and stripped clean by something big..

We’ve also been seeing a number of lone coyotes roaming in the lower Cobb Estate park, and over off of Mount Curve over the last couple of days. Hide your pets.

Update: Our go-to for all things canine Jane Brackman (i.e. Dr. Barkman) writes us:

And yes, those are some pretty bold coyotes at Cobb Estate.  I had one follow me for about a quarter of a mile a month or so ago.  I’d scare him away, but he would return after a minute or so.  I attributed it to the dog treats I had in my pocket, but nevertheless it was unusual behavior. At the time I just assumed someone was feeding him.  The coyote moms are pregnant now and will birth around mid March.  Gestation is 63 days.  They’ll be extra hungry then. 


Liz said…

I saw a coyote this morning at around 10 on the Gabrielino between Ventura and Altadena. I’m used to seeing them at dusk or in the early morning, but do they normally come out at mid-morning? Anyway, I was surprised.