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Thursday, January 16, 2014


by Timothy Rutt Firewatch bugAs we write, the Colby fire above Glendora has consumed 125 acres, and authorities are evacuating homes in the forest areas.  The scanner is very active with firefighting traffic, and we’ll keep monitoring to see if it will affect Altadena or adjoining areas. Community correspondent Chris “The Skywatcher” Considine has shared some pictures of the superscooper airplanes that have been deployed to fight the fire this morning.  The ‘scoopers, from Canada, are under contract to LA County for fire season.  PIctures after the jump.

  • CJC_2955
  • CJC_2956
  • CJC_2949
  • CJC_2950





All photos © Chris Considine 2014  


chris considine said…

officially now 1700 ACRES burned at 10:25am

Isaac Garcia said…

I find it absolutely ridiculous that the super scoopers are from Canada! Why doesn’t California have their own!? After all of these years! After all of these disasters! Don’t tell me budget cuts….if we have the money to fund idiotic bullet trains to Fresno…we certainly have the funds to maintain a fleet of super scoopers.