Your AltadenaPoint: A DIY guide

Mar 28, 2015 08:43AM, Published by Timothy Rutt, Editor, Categories: Today, News, Community, Culture

We started AltadenaPoint (and its predecessor Altadenablog) seven and a half years ago, because (1) we thought Altadena was an interesting place to live, and (2) there was no central location to find out what was happening, and we took it upon ourselves to start one.While we are now closing our central location, Reason #1 is still valid.  Here are a few key websites we’ve collected that will provide at least some information about the goings-on in Altadena.

1. Join Nixle. This public safety service provides important safety information to your email and/or cellphone (along with more than a few self-serving press releases).  While it doesn’t provide everything the sheriff does, it does push most big arrests and current safety information (i.e. street closures and warning which areas to avoid RIGHT NOW).  You should be signed up for this anyway.

2. Altadena Library: The library used to be very faithful about sending us their latest activities so we could share them with you.  Since the change in management, they’ve stopped sending us many announcements of activities, so we’ve frequently had to rely on checking their website like everybody else.

3. Altadena Town Council: While nothing beats going to the meeting to find out what’s happening, minutes and agendas go here — sometimes in a timely manner, sometimes not.  There is also a useful list of links to county documents and services.

4. Altadena Elections:  The civic-minded Eric Pierce is once again running his own independent website on the annual Altadena Town Council elections.  Check it out here:

5. Sheriff Support Group of Altadena: most Altadena station-related Nixle stuff winds up here, and it’s usually the first place you can find information on SSGA’s annual summer concert series at Farnsworth Park.

… and finally, Facebook: many of the organizations listed above, as well as others, have a Facebook presence as well:

Any more cool websites for local information?  That’s what the comments are for!

UPDATE:  Elliot Gold reminds us of ACONA:


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